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Source: U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Va.

Total shipments of portland and blended cement in the United States and Puerto Rico were 4.6 million mt in January 2012, according to the USGS. This was nearly 25 perfect higher compared with shipments for January 2011, and continued to reflect mild winter weather conditions and a trend of increased consumption that began in May 2011.

Clinker production totaled 4.3 million mt in January 2012, nearly 24 percent higher than the output in January 2011, an increase that paralleled cement consumption. Masonry cement shipments of about 130,000 mt for January 2012 were 19 percent higher compared with shipments in January 2011, again with some of this increase being attributable to mild weather conditions.

January 2012 imports of cement and clinker of about 373,000 mt were nearly double the very low volume in January 2011.

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