Loesche acquires shares in pyroprocess specialist A TEC

In conjunction with the participation in A TEC Holding GmbH, market leader in dry-grinding technology Loesche GmbH of Germany, entered into a close cooperation agreement with pyroprocess specialist A TEC Holding GmbH, Austria, in April. A compelling combination, the venture combines technologies and sales organization to open opportunities for certain types of projects, for example combined upgrading projects including grinding circuits and pyroprocess optimization.

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Inventory Management

BinMaster’s MultiBob inventory management system provides an average bin level from measurements taken by two to 32 SmartBob2 or SmartBob TS-1 sensors installed on the top of a single bin, tank, silo or flat storage warehouse containing powders, granulars or bulk solid materials. The SmartBob sensors are strategically located in the vessel to monitor critical measuring points and using eBob software, are programmed to measure materials at scheduled time intervals or on demand. The advanced eBob software compiles the measurement data to calculate an average level or headroom and estimated percentage full.

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Particulate Monitors for Dryers

The FilterSense particulate monitor is designed for chemical spray dryers and pharmaceutical powder fluid bed dryers.

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Loesche technical seminar gives overview on grinding technologies

Loesche GmbH is hosting on September 26,  2012, its very first Technical Seminar in Duesseldorf, Germany. The seminar contents are aimed at newcomers and suppliers to the cement industry as well as plant managers. Topics will be the latest developments in grinding technologies, general requirements of a grinding plant and the optimization of its grinding process. Specific attention will be paid to the function and dimensioning as well as the process, operation and evaluation of Loesche mills. Lectures on the hydraulic spring systems and gear boxes will also be included.

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