Valve Bag System

The Integra is a completely self-contained valve bag filling system ideal for filling loose, bulk materials into paper, PE and PP bags. It can be equipped with up to four filling spouts and offers an impressive production rate of up to 15 bags per minute.

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Clinker Cooler Inserts

Blasch Precision Ceramics’ new wear resistant products can greatly extend the life of clinker cooler heat exchangers; yielding significant savings. The clinker cooler wear insert is designed to protect the tube end along with the first 6-36 in. of the tube inside diameter (ID). Generally after this distance the cooling gas flow has straightened out or developed to the point that abrasive wear typically drops off.

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Explosion Proof Light Fixture

The EPL-EMG-24-4L-T5HO features four lamps, UL-certified hazardous location suitability and a built-in battery backup system for continued operation in the event of power failures. This explosion proof light fixture is designed to provide high light output and reliable operation that is ideal for hazardous locations where quality illumination is required. Equipped with T5HO fluorescent lamps, it produces 8,000 lumens of light output.

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Continuous Emissions Monitoring System

The Thermo Scientific Omni FTIR Multi Gas continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) employs Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) technology, which enables a user to simultaneously analyze multiple stack gases, including hydrogen chloride (HCl).

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