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Mole-Master Services Corp., a provider of silo and bin cleaning equipment and services, has always kept a sharp eye out for developments related to silo safety; and now the company’s management has found a way to share this information with its clients and other website visitors.

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Mill Monitoring and Control

Cemtec, a specialist provider of grinding technologies for the mining, mineral and cement industries, is using Insitec real-time particle sizing technology from Malvern Instruments to provide fully integrated, automated milling solutions that deliver high efficiency at a competitive cost. An exchange of equipment between the two companies has led to the installation of an Insitec system for the control of dry milling at Cemtec’s extensive pilot plant facility.

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Auburn Systems Illustrates Advantage of DC/AC Technology

Particulate monitoring is a critical factor for manufacturing plants where industrial pollutants are problematic. Many dusts are hazardous or combustible, and those operations generating or handling dusts can require special efforts to monitor and minimize emissions in these areas. According to Auburn System’s President and Founder, Ron Dechene, “This schematic illustrates the new, unified DC/AC platform which represents the latest major technology advancement introduced by Auburn.”

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Air Pollution Control Service

Golden Eagle Technologies LLC, a premier provider of dust-collection and other air-pollution-control equipment within the Rocky Mountain region, announced a new service,

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