Twin-Shaft Mixers

At bauma 2013, BHS-Sonthofen unveiled twin-shaft mixers from its new DMX series. With an extensive modular system and various options, they can be customized to the products of the user, from fine-grained materials such as cement to mortar mixtures with coarse particles up to 8 mm in size. BHS offers a range of machines with throughput rates of up to 300 tph.

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Retractable Air Cannon Nozzles

The new 360-degree retractable air cannon nozzle from Martin Engineering loosens stubborn build-up in pre-heater towers and large process vessels, extending into the material stream only during the firing cycle to protect the nozzles from extreme temperatures and abrasion. The new product solves two common industry problems: effectively dislodging accumulations in hard-to-reach areas without shutdown or manual labor, while significantly extending nozzle life. Further, the retractable design can be serviced from outside the vessel, reducing service time and risk of injury.

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Vibration Monitor

A new BETEX professional VibChecker vibration monitor meter is a light and compact-sized instrument designed for quick and accurate vibration surveys. The meter, identified as model TB-C780201, provides portable and user-friendly vibration measurement in the 10 – 1,000 Hz frequency range. Measurement results are immediately and automatically evaluated against ISO standards, and can be stored for documentation and follow-up.

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Continuous Emissions Monitor

Particulate CEM (Continuous Emissions Monitor) meets environmental regulations, such as US-EPA MACT and other standards such as ASTM D22 for monitoring particulate emissions from fabric filter baghouses, cartridge type dust collectors, cyclones, and some ESPs (electrostatic precipitators). Particulate levels down to 0.1mg/m3 can be monitored.

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