Refactory Monolithic Material

Morgan Thermal Ceramics announces the availability of its high-strength, low cement range of refractory monolithic lining materials ideal for demanding, high-temperature applications in the metals, incineration, power generation and minerals processing markets. The full range of products includes Tri-Mor Morflo low cement castable and Tri-Mor Higun low cement gunning materials. They offer resistance to chemical attack and abrasion, combining the traditional high performance qualities of high fired brick with the ease of installation of a refractory castable.

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Filter Leak Detector

Continuous particulate emission monitor and baghouse filter leak detector incorporates Automatic Self Checks (Zero and Span) to automate EPA MACT requirements for periodic instrument validation. Particulate Monitor also features Automatic Signal Diagnostics to improve performance and simplify setup.

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Belt Conveyor Idler Replacement Bracket

Mining operations have long dealt with delays resulting from conveyor maintenance issues. A down conveyor can result in the loss of thousands of dollars of production.

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