Level Sensor

BinMaster Level Controls introduces a newly designed weight-and-cable, “bob”-style SmartBob-TS1 continuous level sensor with a sealed electronics compartment to meet the challenges of dusty environments.

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Environmental Control Booths

The Tri-Flow Environmental Booth was designed for plant areas where dirty and/or noisy tasks need to be confined to their own workspace. The Control Booth provides HEPA level filtration performance and has a MERV 16 rating. It is 99.999% efficient on particles 0.5 micron and larger by weight.

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Filter Technology

Tri-Mer Corp. a technology company specializing in air pollution control systems, has introduced Tri-Flow, a new filtration concept that delivers HEPA-like performance with a MERV 16 rating.

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Baghouse Performance Analyzer & Controller

B-PAC Controls built on FilterSense's MICS platform provides the same diagnostics and automation of fabric filters that standard B-PACs provide, plus additional time- and money-saving features, including smart alarms, predictive alerts, parts/consumables management, and remote services.

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