Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity System

James Instruments Inc. announced the release of the V-Meter MK IV, ultrasonic pulse velocity system for finding voids, crack and determining other material properties in concrete, wood, ceramic, masonry and other coarse grain materials.

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Bin Monitoring

BinMaster Level Controls announces the introduction of 3D MultiVision, a Windows-based inventory management software for the 3DLevelScanner that enables users to view data for multiple bins in a single window. 3D MultiVision software can be used with all versions of the non-contact, dust penetrating 3DLevelScanner including the S, M, MV and MVL models.

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One of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty lubricants offers innovative, specialty lubricants specifically designed for the open gear drives found in the cement industry. Kl├╝berfluid B-F 2 Ultra is used for the running-in lubrication of new, open-gear pinion drives by means of immersion, transfer, circulation and spray lubrication, or for tooth flank correction of large gear drives that have been in use for some time.

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