Dust Collector Timer

Baghouse Pulse Jet Timer features DeviceNet communications for integration with Allen-Bradley PLCs. DeviceNet is a simple networking solution that reduces the cost and time to wire and install industrial automation devices and is a highly effective way to provide access to device information and advanced functions in intelligent controls.

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BinMaster takes Sales Performance award

BinMaster's Level Controls has been awarded the 2010 Best Sales Performance of the Year award for the 3DLevelScanner by APM Automation Solutions. The 3DLevelScanner is a non-contact, dust-penetrating sensor that takes multiple measurements in the bin to provide highly accurate level and volume measurement data. Its accompanying software features a unique 3D visualization tool to help detect cone up or down, sidewall buildup or bridging in a bin.

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Online Analyzer

This company announced a new online analyzer for cement manufacturers that offers real-time analysis of raw materials and the unique option of using an electronic neutron generator or californium as the source of neutrons. This revolutionary analyzer is called the CB Omni Flex. In response to customer concerns about the supply of californium-252, this new model enables customers to choose the source of neutrons, not only at the time of purchase, but at any subsequent time in the life of the product.

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Dust Collector Valves

This company announced its new and improved Nitrile sleeves for the Vacu-Valve Platypus and Armadillo, two of the lowest-cost, lowest-maintenance dust collector valves available. The replaceable white Nitrile duck bill sleeves are chemical and caustic resistant as well as abrasive resistant. The white coloring of the sleeve is the perfect solution to applications involving solid white dust, eliminating the possibility of dark specs that may contaminate a finished product.

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