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The recent promulgation of the Portland Cement NESHAP by the Environmental Protection Agency poses new emissions-monitoring and -measurement challenges for cement producers. This leader in the design, manufacturing, and support of emissions-monitoring and -measurement solutions offers cost-efficient, advanced measurement solutions for particulate matter (PM) and mercury that can help meet the new requirements.

The ProScatter QAL 181 Particulate Measurement System is PS-11 compliant with automated daily zero/span checks and fast periodic calibration verification with supported optional ProScatter Audit Unit (conducts linearity tests as part of AST or QAL2 procedures). It features low-angle, forward-scattering detection principle that reduces cross-sensitivity due to changing particle characteristics; minimum detection limit of <0.05 mg/m3 and measurement range 0-200 mg/m3; single multi-controller can interface with as many as 16 measurement probes; ethernet/Modbus capable; and an audit unit with known scattering coefficient provides independent determination of linearity and contamination.

The Electrodynamic QAL-991 PM Leak Detection and Measurement System features baghouse leak detection/emissions measurement from <1 mg/m3 to 100 mg/m3; fast, sensitive measurements; a measurement output not affected by dust accumulation on probe; and an automatic zero/span and self-contamination checks.

The XC-6000EPC Automated MercSampler has a low-cost installation and operation; can be configured for dry or wet gas stream; features a quick setup with low maintenance; has flexible design configurations to meet diverse environmental conditions, dual mass flow sensors, and proportional or constant flow control; and accepts 10mm industry-standard sorbent traps. Apex Instruments, Inc., www.apexinst.com; (+1) 919-557-7300

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