The Bagging Triangle

By Markus Lackmann

A Shift or Change in One Corner – the Product, Bag or Machine – May Necessitate a Change in Another.

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A Conversation with PCA Chairman Cary Cohrs President, American Cement Company

In this exclusive interview with Cement Americas, the new PCA Chairman discusses the potential industry impact of the nation's economic “Fiscal Cliff,” the growing popularity of sustainable designs and construction, emphasizing resilience in building, and the association's increased focus on advocacy and government affairs.

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How a newly re-elected president and shifting Congress will deal with a still-slow economy and overwhelming federal debt is anyone's guess.

Although cement consumption and overall U.S. construction activity increased significantly more than expected in 2012, these gains would be immediately erased in 2013 if the “fiscal cliff” is not resolved in a timely manner. A forecast from the Portland Cement Association (PCA) expects a 7.5 percent jump in cement consumption in 2012, up 50 basis points from its summer forecast. However, the instability of the political landscape makes projecting 2013 consumption more challenging.

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Energy & Environment Award Winners

eeawardsThe Cement Industry Energy & Environment Awards program was created in 2000 by the Portland Cement Association (PCA) as part of its renewed environment and energy strategic plan for the U.S. cement industry. The awards honor activities conducted during the previous calendar year, and the program is open to any cement manufacturing plant in North America.

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